Why call us first?

  1. We know Massachusetts. Now based in Newton, we have sold and leased properties from as far south as Martha’s Vineyard and west to Northfield. Most members of our team are homeowners and several are also real estate investors. This experience informs everything we do for our clients.
  2. We’re proudly independent If it’s important to you to work with a real estate firm that’s owned by a global company that sells vineyards in the Sonoma Valley or castles in Spain, that would not be us. As an independent agency, we’ve enjoyed the creative freedom to build our business to reflect our own vision and values. We don’t send revenue to a corporate parent; instead, we are client- focused without compromise. We invest in resources our associates can use to best support their clients in the local markets we serve.
  3. We think you’ll like our style. We like to think we’re cooperative, cordial and low pressure. We’re direct. Focused. Friendly. And relentlessly driven to help our clients succeed.
  4. Our 12 associates are incented to do what’s right. We pay them higher-than-average commissions. We give them all the resources they need. We don’t pressure them to produce, so they can invest more time and energy on their individual clients. We think you’ll benefit from our relaxed, professional approach. Each client has a one-on-one relationship with a team member, with support from others as needed.
  5. We’re small enough that every client matters to us. Yet we’re big enough to have all the resources we need to compete with any other firm on the breadth and depth of services we offer.
  6. Concerned about commissions or rebates when you buy or sell? We have a variety of plans we can tailor to suit you. Contact us.