Refund Cancellation Policy

The following policy applies to rental transactions only.

In providing our service, we rely on information you provide to us. We are not liable for any errors if this information is incorrect, incomplete or illegible.

If you have applied for an apartment, any deposit or payment you give us is refundable only up to the point where your application has been accepted by the landlord. We may not be able to provide any refund thereafter. Landlords’ specific policies vary. Even if they agree to refund payments we have forwarded to them on your behalf, we may deduct from your refund a fee for preparation of leases and other documents ($79.99), any credit card processing or wire transfer fees we have incurred and for any non-cancelable or non-refundable broker fee expense we may have incurred in your behalf. We will not refund any payments if you provided false information on your rental application or on any supporting documents.

  • If you make a payment with your application and we learn that the property is no longer available, we will promptly issue a refund.
  • If the landlord does not accept your application, we will promptly refund payments you gave us as deposits.

If you process a payment through Pay Pal, Bill Me Later or another credit card processing service, you affirm that you understand and consent to our refund and cancellation policies, you agree that you will not attempt to process a “chargeback” or a refund of any transactions you have made with us for any reason whatsoever and you agree that any eligible refunds will be handled only as shown on this page, “How eligible refunds are paid.” If despite this agreement, you attempt to process a “chargeback,” we will file a counter claim with your credit card issuer. In this event, we have the right to share any and all information and documents we have on hand regarding the transaction with the credit card companies, service providers and with your landlord if you have signed a lease for a property you rented through us. If you think you paid the wrong amount and are entitled to an adjustment, please call us and we will work with you to resolve your concern.

If you provide deposits or other payments in the form of a check, you agree that you will not stop payment on the check; if you do so, you agree to reimburse us for any bank service fees we may incur. You agree that any receipts we provide to you are conditional upon our receipt of good funds.

How eligible refunds are paid

  • If have given us cash, refunds will be paid as soon as we are able to confirm your eligibility. We issue refunds by check, not cash.
  • If you paid by personal check, your refund will be issued after our bank has informed us that your check has cleared, your funds are in our bank account and your check can no longer be subject to a stop payment order. This process may take up to ten business days.
  • If you paid by credit card, we will instruct our merchant processor(s) to issue a credit to you in accordance with their usual terms and conditions

If you do not consent to these terms and conditions, you may not submit a rental application to us.

We want to make it easy for you to do business with us, so if you have any questions or concerns about our refund and cancellation policy, please call us at 781.899.5300