Services For Landlords

We offer both complete rental agency services and ala carte services to landlords.

Everything we do to assist landlords reflects one key belief: the broker should be expected to assess applications as though the rental properties were our own. That conviction is behind all of our rental standards and practices.

Our complete service includes:

  • Helping you price your rental.
  • Aggressively and accurately promoting your property through our own websites as well as leading real estate sites.
  • Obtaining and verifying information you need to help you evaluate rental applications.
    Preparing all lease-related documents and collecting move-in funds for the applicant you select.

If you prefer to handle marketing and showings on your own, we can still help you with whatever services you need:

  • We will obtain credit reports for your rental applicants for $29.95 each.
  • We will prepare lease packages and associated forms for only $49.95 each.

To order a credit report or lease package, first go to our online payment page, make your payment, and then call us at 781.899.5300. Note that we can prepare a credit report for your rental applicant only if you provide a signed rental application (subject to confirmation by your applicant) and we are able to confirm that you are the property owner or manager.

There are many reasons successful landlords choose to work with us to find applicants for their quality rental properties. We’re confident that whether they have just one rental unit or more than one hundred, the landlords we’ve worked with will tell you:

    • We’re skilled: We have experienced, knowledgeable leasing agents to help you rent your property. We have a good working knowledge of comparable apartments in the area and the apartment rental business in general. We can help you set the right rental price.
    • We move quickly: We understand how important it is for you to find a qualified tenant quickly. Through effective advertising including the use of sophisticated internet marketing tools, friendly customer service and courteous evaluation of applications, we will work hard to bring a qualified new tenant to you– and we’ll do all of the legwork.
    • We’re experienced: Members of our team have owned rental properties. We understand a landlord’s challenges and concerns.
    • We have a proven service model: We use phone interviews to pre-qualify general inquiries before we schedule a showing. When we obtain an application, we run credit checks, review financial information, verify previous rental histories, and present the information to you. Once you accept an application, we’ll prepare leases and required disclosure documents in a timely and efficient manner. We will also accommodate your special requirements for additional lease terms.
    • It’s your decision: We work hard to make the process fast and painless for you. We always respect the decision of the landlord; it is your property, after all. You have the ultimate discretion in the selection of tenants; that’s your right as the owner. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.
    • We walk you through the process: We know your rental properties are your livelihood and that the security of your property is paramount. We also realize that there is a great deal more work in owning and managing rental property than meets the eye, and strive to take out as much red-tape and busy work as possible.
    • Manageable Cost: Pay us only if we succeed in presenting an application you accept, and only after the lease has been signed and move in funds provided to you.
    • We’re fair: Whether they are looking for an inexpensive studio apartment or a million- dollar home to lease, we treat all rental applicants professionally and courteously, just as we ourselves expect to be treated. We Support Fair Housing and we offer our services only to landlords who do, too.

However you engage us, we’ll deliver results: We’re not in business to “list” rental properties; we are in business to rent them. That’s why some of the area’s largest, most successful (and most demanding) landlords turn to us exclusively to meet their rental needs.

How does your rent compare? This tool can help you determine whether you may be charging too much or too little.*

We support Fair Housing